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7 good reasons to work with a real estate broker

22 Jul 2020

1. Supportive service and advice at every step

The purchase or sale of a property involves several stages: getting advice before the sale, determining the right price, coordinating visits – not to mention all the important documentation, such as brokerage contracts, certification of promises to purchase, management of counteroffers, etc. It’s reassuring when you have a trained professional to guide you through this process.

2. Practical and continuous management

Professional and personal obligations don’t just disappear when you decide to sell or buy a house. Who can really say that they have an hour or two of free time each and every day? Managing potential buyers’ questions and combing through new market listings takes time. And that’s without counting the time it takes to coordinate and prepare for visits. As your representative, we ensure that you can reach us at any time. We can show your property to an interested buyer, or be there quickly to accompany you if you find your dream property.

3. Worry-free insurance

If you were to sell your house in a week with no problems, it would be normal to wonder if you could have handled the transaction yourself. But it pays to think of a brokerage service as insurance. If all goes well, so much the better (and the broker’s involvement is probably still helpful), but if problems arise, you’ll be happy that you’re not facing them on your own. 

4. A neutral and objective perspective

The sale or purchase of a house stirs up a lot of emotions. As real estate brokers, we accompany you as a neutral party, which is essential to allow you to see more clearly and not be blinded by emotions.

5. A protection mechanism for the consumer

The OACIQ ensures that all real estate brokers comply with brokerage law, including the golden rule that these professionals must always work in the “best interests” of their clients. In case of misconduct, the organization has an effective disciplinary committee.

6. A turnkey network

Mortgage representatives, building inspectors, notaries – we never buy or sell a property completely alone. The expertise of these professionals is critical to the proper management of such an important transaction. When you call upon our services, you benefit from our established professional network and qualified references.

7. A seasoned negotiator

When should we present our promise to purchase? At what price? What clauses could put off – or persuade – the seller? These questions must be answered quickly when you have found the house of your dreams. We have the experience and expertise to advise and accompany our clients through all the critical decisions related to the sale or purchase of a house. The sale or purchase of a home is one of the biggest financial transactions of a lifetime. Why not seek out the guidance of a wise advisor and benefit from the protections of a legal framework? 


Martin Dumont, Real Estate Team

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